Ricardo-AEA to lead a workshop in Ancona, Italy to help European cities adapt to climate change

Ricardo-AEA will help European cities adapt to climate change in a workshop in Ancona, this week.  

The workshop, which will take place from the 19th to the 21st of February, is one of a series being run as part of the ‘Adaptation Strategies for European Cities’ project for the European Commission DG Climate Action, managed by Ricardo-AEA in partnership with ICLEI.  

Representatives from Almada, Burgas, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Rotterdam and Zadar will be coming together in Ancona to discuss the implications of climate change for their cities and review adaptation strategies.

The workshop also involves a technical visit to Ancona’s early warning headquarters in Palazzo degli Anziani as well as to sites affected by landslides such as the entire Posatora Area, to provide delegates with an insight into the impacts of climate change. 

Ricardo-AEA’s Project Manager and climate change impacts and adaptation specialist, Jonathan Perks, said:

“Climate change is increasingly recognised as a major threat to the stability and prosperity of the European Union and it is great to see these cities come together in Ancona to address the issue. We look forward to leading interactive sessions and working with the participating cities to develop robust climate change adaptation strategies.”

Ricardo-AEA also led the first coaching session of the ‘Adaptation Strategies for European Cities’ project to help environment officials, stakeholders and town planners in Gibraltar develop an effective climate change adaptation strategy in December, last year. To find out more click here.


Notes to editors:
‘Adaptation Strategies for European Cities’ is an 18 month European project commissioned by the European Commission - Directorate General for Climate Action, coordinated by Ricardo-AEA (United Kingdom) and ICLEI European Secretariat in partnership with Arcadis (Netherlands), University of Manchester (United Kingdom), Adelphi research (Germany), and Alexander Ballard Limited (United Kingdom).

The aim of the project is to help cities prepare for climate change by raising awareness, sharing good practice and developing guidance.  Twenty-one cities are participating including those developing an adaptation strategy during the course of the project and others that will be providing support to the trainee cities.  

Find out more about the project here.

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