Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Will TEEP achieve the desired outcomes either in the UK or across Europe?

Posted by Lorna Pannett on 12 January 2015

TEEP assessments Local authorities and waste collection companies across the UK are currently grappling with the implications of new ‘TEEP’ legislation which came into force on 1st January 2015. The legislation requires every waste collection authority in England to undertake a TEEP (technically, environmentally and economically practical) assessment to determine if key materials (paper, metal, plastic and glass) need to be separately collected in their area.

Waste consultancy in 2014

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 24 December 2014

The waste consultancy business at Ricardo-AEA has had a varied and exciting year. We’ve travelled around the world from South Africa, to Egypt and from South America to Thailand; supported investors and waste management companies with treatment solutions, collections tendering and business case creation; done waste and packaging audits at pet shops and stone processing facilities; given presentations at conferences and exhibitions both at home and abroad; whilst delivering a portfolio of new training and embracing new technology to offer webinars, record videos and engage with our clients.

The Christmas Jumper Conundrum

Posted by SarahJane Widdowson on 22 December 2014

Earlier this month it was Charity Christmas jumper day at Ricardo-AEA and staff, keen to get into the Christmas spirit and raise money for a good cause, dug out their best and brightest jumpers to wear on the day.

Carry on up the Nile – emerging waste management agendas in Egypt?

Posted by Adam Read on 27 November 2014

Is Egypt really making the progress it so desperately needs on its resource and waste management agendas? I report back on my recent 5 days visit to Cairo, where a lack of master planning, budget concerns, and a reliance on international finance and technical support is limiting local progress...

Demonstrating TEEP

Posted by Lorna Pannett on 25 November 2014

TEEP (technically, environmentally and economically practicable) is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment and not unsurprisingly. New legislation coming into force in January requires everyone in the UK that currently collects waste or is a waste collection authority, to have given serious consideration to whether separately collecting metal, paper, cans and glass would move treatment of their waste up the waste hierarchy or improve recovery. In considering the issue, if the answer is “yes, separate collection would improve performance” and it is practical, it must be undertaken. In addition, everyone currently collecting such waste must have evidence to show that they have considered the issue and have recorded the conclusions.

Why are we not making real recycling progress?

Posted by Steve Rymil on 20 November 2014

More household waste arisings and little recycling progress. That’s how I would sum up the 2013/14 England household waste data.

Doctors should do more to reduce waste

Posted by Jess Twemlow on 11 November 2014

Last week, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges[] (AoMRC) reported that the NHS could save up to £2 billion a year if it provided more focused care and looked after the waste it produces.

Can your site afford to be non-compliant? Environment Agency to toughen up waste site regulation fees

Posted by Carrie Lorton & Jennie Smith on 10 November 2014

The UK Environment Agency is proposing to crack-down on the increasing number of non-compliant waste sites and strengthen measures that penalise consistently poor performing sites. This is partly in response to the costs of dealing with increasing containment failures at anaerobic digestion sites.

Will aid solve the world’s waste management crisis?

Posted by David Lerpiniere on 4 November 2014

Waste management represents one of the biggest budget expenditures for any local government (irrespective of global geography and gross national income), but the waste sector received less than 0.3% of overall official development finance in the ten years up to 2012, thirty times less than the water and sanitation sector.

Don’t exclude energy recovery from the circular economy!

Posted by Adam Read on 4 November 2014

In my opinion, and that of many industry experts who attended an International BioEnergy Task force meeting earlier this month, energy recovery is at the heart of the circular economy.

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