Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Catchment and water sensitive approaches for Chaohu Lake

Posted by Aaron Burton on 22 April 2014

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office organised a seminar on 28 February 2014 to exchange ideas between the UK and China on water quality management. I was invited to lead a seminar on diffuse water pollution.

Waste sector revolutions and the next generation of professional resource managers…..

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 7 April 2014

Over the last couple of weeks I have been party to a number of meetings, seminars, events and debates, concerning the future of the waste sector, both in the UK and abroad. Without a doubt, waste professionals today are experiencing a breadth and depth of debate the like of which have never faced the sector. Today we are debating the need for a circular economy, we are exploring new resource efficient business models, we are investigating new recycling incentives and a possible extension of the producer responsibility regulations, and we are concerned with the quality of feedstock’s at MRFs and the need to secure appropriate end markets for the recyclate. But we are also having to address energy and resource availability risks, confusing evidence concerning the benefits of composting over Anaerobic Digestion, ongoing debates about infrastructure under-capacity fuelled by recent reports by Sita and Veolia, and the increasing pressure on local authorities to save money, work together and meet TEEP requirements in terms of kerbside sort. Mix in the complexities of the devolved administrations, the different targets, priority material streams and policy measures in England, Scotland & Wales, and an increasingly complex governance for waste which involves Treasury, DCLG, DEFRA, DECC and BIS, and you can see why some think the sector is broken and perhaps can’t be fixed…… I disagree!

Why “Flood Re” means there are more reasons to install property level flood protection

Posted by Nicole Shamier, Senior Environmental Economist on 25 March 2014

Flood insurance is changing. Part 4 of the Water Bill will direct the set-up of a ‘Flood Reinsurance scheme’, affectionately known as ‘Flood Re’ in the UK. This will replace the previous agreement between the Government and insurance industry to insure all residential properties at risk from flooding. The latest estimate is that this will come into force in August 2015 and will continue for 25 years. It will change the way that insurance is paid for and provide incentives for properties to reduce their risk of damage during a flood.

Waste Management is an important opportunity for modern cities in Egypt and afar

Posted by David Lerpiniere on 21 March 2014

On Sunday our Practice Director for Resource Efficiency and Waste Management, Dr Adam Read, will be presenting at the Waste Management Solutions event hosted at the British Embassy in Cairo on 23 March 2014. This will be followed the next day by a presentation from our Regional Business Development Manager, Dr Hazem ElZanan at the Go Environment: Investing in Solid Waste & Green Designs forum being held at the Conrad Hotel, Cairo.

ISO14001 and the Challenge Ahead

Posted by Simon Drury, Senior Project Manager on 10 March 2014

It is now ten years since ISO14001 was last updated; the current review of the standard is set to mark a step change in how environmental management systems (EMS) are integrated into an organisation’s strategy. The new standard, due out in 2015, will target many of the weaknesses in the existing standard and be applicable to the roles and responsibilities of employees at all levels of an organisation, changing the perception that it is solely the responsibility of the Health & Safety or Environmental Manager.

Flooding and the funding seesaw

Posted by Nicole Shamier, Senior Environmental Economist on 27 February 2014

The UK government is coming under increasing pressure to adequately manage flood risk whilst battling the national deficit. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) funding increased in real terms last year to £591m for the 2012-13 period but still remains 15% lower than in 2011.

Power the nation, the role of energy from waste

Posted by Dr Adam Read, Practice Director on 24 February 2014

I was fortunate enough to be invited to address the Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Society one night last week, a group of passionate enthusiasts interested in the industrial legacy that we can find across Northamptonshire, from the coal mines, canals and leather industries of the 19th century, and the increasing opportunities for industrialisation that face the county, with the likes of technology manufacturing and motor racing. They asked me to look at the history of waste management in the county (and the wider UK) and to focus on an issue that not only is of interest to a group of chemists, engineers and industrialist, but one that has been vexing me and my colleagues for some time now – how do we effectively power the UK over the next 30 years?


Posted by Dr Adam Read, Practice Director on 18 February 2014

On 4 February the Conservative think-tank, 2020 Conservatives, published its report ‘Sweating our Assets – Productivity and Efficiency Across the UK Economy’. As the name might suggest, the report proposes a series of policies aimed at enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the UK economy, particularly in the face of increasing competition within the global economy. This is a critical issue and one that has been on the radar for the last few years, dating back to a report we did for DEFRA looking at resource risks and the opportunities and threats for the UK economy back in 2010. Closing loops, using materials more effectively post production and extending the life of products and their raw materials is going to be crucial as the UK starts to pull out of the global recession we have been facing for the last 5 years.

Basic compliance has now changed in Scotland - The new Waste Regulations

Posted by Jamie Pitcairn, Director of Ricardo-AEA in Scotland on 16 January 2014

This month saw the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2014 come into force.

That Leadership thing….

Posted by Chris Hayward, Senior Consultant - Resource Efficiency and Waste Management on 17 December 2013

The recent North East Recycling Forum (NERF) Conference in Newcastle last week highlighted the very big gap opening up between what’s needed in UK waste management and what’s actually happening. 

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