Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Partners for life? Relationship building in transition economies

Posted by Adam Read on 25 August 2015

I have just got back from another of my 5-day trips to Riyadh, where we are finalising the city’s new Integrated Waste Management Strategy, and as I reflect on 20 years in waste consultancy, it dawned on me that one of the consistent themes of successful in-country work, whether that be in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe, has been the need for quality local consultants & partners!

Waste data - do we need to change how we collect and publish waste data?

Posted by Simone Aplin on 20 August 2015

At this year’s RWM event, I am delivering a presentation and taking part in a panel discussion that rely on a fundamental source of information for the waste industry, Government and local authorities – waste data.

MRF Code of Practice – what have we learnt from the early results and where do we go next?

Posted by Victoria Hutchin on 12 August 2015

The MRF quality sampling requirements were introduced under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations (Amendment) 2014, in order to correct a perceived market failing in the commodities market. It was widely suggested that the MRF Code would result in higher material values (due to improved quality), and a closing of the gap between minimum and maximum prices due to the removal of extremes of quality.

My circle just got cut

Posted by Stephen Wise, Principal Consultant on 30 July 2015

This is my blog discussing my thoughts and opinions on issues of resource efficiency and waste management that affect me as an individual in my every day life.

Coffee at the tip

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 28 July 2015

I need to get to the tip!

Learning from our Celtic Brethren – UK recycling needs direction, leadership, policy, funding and belief

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 3 July 2015

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last blog, with much of that time spent with UK local government clients facing up to the big issues of the day, namely what to do in the face of more budget cuts, how do we get to 50% recycling rates and beyond; and how to de-risk any future service decisions when we don’t know what to expect from our newly elected Government. No matter what our starting point, in terms of the commission / assignment, the discussion and evaluation usually comes back to one of 3 things:

Moving in circles

Posted by Stephen Wise, Principal Consultant on 30 June 2015

I recently moved house, which came with the expected stresses and strains. But it also brought the principles of the circular economy down to a personal scale, making me think in a different way about what it can mean in practice and how best to explain it to others. The move also involved changing from one local authority to another and an associated switch in bin system - a re-education.

Recycling communications, green mohicans and garlic beer

Posted by Gareth Morton on 22 June 2015

It’s Recycle Week once again and this year WRAP is launching its refreshed Recycle Now campaign. This, together with some of the recent work I’ve been doing with local authorities on recycling and communications, started me musing about how far we’ve come with our recycling, how far we still have to travel and what the challenges are for the future. There are big issues facing us, principally quality and contamination (the two are intrinsically linked) and the plateauing of recycling rates. Just how do we get more, better quality materials?

How to select the best technology to reduce your water use

Posted by Kate Davis, Senior Consultant on 3 June 2015

Water is crucial for life, but it is often overlooked by businesses in the UK as it is perceived as cheap and plentiful. However awareness of its importance is increasing; particularly the concern of not having enough water. Responses to a recent global survey showed 68% of respondents thought water availability posed a substantive risk to their business. The first step in reducing this risk is to understand how much water your organisation uses, and reduce this as much as possible.

Recycling on the go... wherever and whenever you are?

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 26 May 2015

Unfortunately this will be a shorter blog than normal, as I am writing it between trips to a number of UK airports in recent weeks. I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a few weeks of R&R in Cyprus with the family, but I am now setting off for a series of workshops and client meetings in Riyadh as we close out the new waste strategy for the city. What all this travelling has allowed me to do is to reflect on just how prevalent recycling has become across all forms of public space in UK.

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