Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

Zero waste week: Reducing our waste

Posted by Kate Davis, Senior Consultant on 29 August 2014

As a leading environmental consultancy who provide advice on waste management on a daily basis, are we as good at reducing our own waste as we are at helping our clients’ reduce theirs?

Water-energy-food nexus of bioenergy and biofuels in the UK

Posted by Aaron Burton, Principal Consultant on 6 August 2014

*What is the water-energy-food nexus?*

Data - not everybody’s cup of tea, but fundamental to good decision-making!

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 5 August 2014

Those that know me won’t be surprised to hear that I am not a details kind of guy. I like the big picture, strategy, vision and the journey; I leave the details up to those with the skills and interests to get me the data I need so I can make better decisions! But at least I appreciate the need for data in all its forms, and the value it adds to my strategy, ad-hoc decision-making and longer term planning, without it I would be doing little more than guessing about new offerings, recruitment, investment etc. And no matter how good your guesses are sooner or later you will get it wrong big time!

Why the UK must tackle its waste ‘infrastructure gap’

Posted by Dr Adam Read, Practice Director on 21 July 2014

Last week Ricardo-AEA supported an important letter written by an industry group to government ministers underlying the need to tackle the ‘infrastructure gap’ for waste facilities and the consequent need for investment, particularly in facilities that handle commercial and industrial (C&I) waste.

Will the new MRF code of practice burden Local Authorities?

Posted by Victoria Hutchin, Senior Consultant on 15 July 2014

In a move to promote higher quality recycling to reduce the use of virgin raw materials, new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) regulations have been brought into force in England.

Driving Forward the Circular Economy - workshop discussions shed light on the issue!

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 25 June 2014

Resource sufficiency, the circular economy and sunshine are things not normally associated with North Yorkshire but yesterday (24 June 2014) they all came together at the 2014 Resource Efficient Business Summit, which was held in the magnificent surroundings of the Rudding Park Hotel near Harrogate.

Charities Make the Most of Supermarket Surpluses – The Food Connection Report

Posted by Carrie Lorton, Environmental Consultant on 10 June 2014

Following on from a Defra Roundtable on the subject, WRAP identified the need to validate the concept of surplus food redistribution from the back of retail stores. WRAP has published a seminal report on the redistribution of surplus food from supermarkets (Food Connection Programme) to charities feeding vulnerable people, which Ricardo-AEA were delighted to research and report back on. We worked closely with FareShare and FoodCycle, looking to capture data on the viability of these food collection schemes and how they could, if possible, be encouraged across the UK.

Local Authority Recycling in a state of flux? Austerity measures, TEEP and the spectre of ‘green apa

Posted by Adam Read, Practice Director on 9 June 2014

It is 17 years since I was last directly responsible for a local authority recycling service, and much has changed in the intervening years since those heady days of split back vehicles, MRFs and doorstep communications campaigns in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Although I have spent much of the last decade and a half supporting local authorities on recycling service options appraisal, service design, implementation, monitoring and communication campaigns, I am grateful that I am no longer a public sector officer with responsibility for waste and recycling collections today - too much is going on!

Helping businesses save money and resources

Posted by Jamie Pitcairn, Director on 5 June 2014

Ricardo-AEA has some interesting work ahead. For example, we are delivering a new Supply Chain Partnership programme for Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) in partnership with Scottish Engineering. I, together with my Resource Efficiency colleagues, will be managing delivery of the programme, which aims to demonstrate the financial and environmental benefits of adopting resource efficient practices within supply chains.

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