Air Quality & Environment

Take Care in the Easter Sunshine

Posted by Paul Willis, Knowledge Leader for Air Quality on 17 April 2014

After months of rain and flooding in the United Kingdom, and the recent high air pollution warnings, surely we can all now finally get outside in safety and enjoy the long awaited pleasant weather?

#SaharaDust – Keeping people informed of the risks

Posted by Paul Willis, Knowledge Leader for Air Quality on 2 April 2014

Today’s top news story on the BBC and across many British newspapers is the poor air quality across many parts of the UK, principally England and Wales, and the arrival of Saharan dust, which has reportedly covered the PM’s car.

Around Scotland, unconventionally

Posted by Mark Broomfield, Consultant on 2 April 2014

I travelled around Scotland last week and was privileged to attend and speak at two contrasting conferences on unconventional gas and oil.

Harbin: The frozen city

Posted by Mark Broomfield – specialist consultant, Ricardo-AEA on 30 October 2013

Harbin was closed down last week because of high levels of air pollution – or “choking smog” according to Reuters.

To frack, or not to frack: that is the question

Posted by Mark Broomfield – specialist consultant, Ricardo-AEA on 15 October 2013

If you wanted to come up with a way to undermine a burgeoning industry, you couldn’t do much better than the term “fracking”. In the voice of a mining engineer, it can sound as if the shale gas industry is intent on riding roughshod over community worries and concerns. Meanwhile, on protestors’ placards, a well-placed “frack” lends itself to sound-bites and images on TV bulletins and newspapers worldwide.

Expert witness support on contentious planning case

Posted by Scott Hamilton on 21 August 2013

Mark Broomfield and I (from Ricardo-AEA’s Air and Environmental Quality team) were recently called upon to contribute to a public inquiry into a proposed Energy from Waste (EfW) plant in Perth. Perth & Kinross Council is a long standing client of Ricardo-AEA and in the autumn of 2012 the Council came to us to seek expert witness support on this contentious planning case which was heading to a public inquiry.

Preparing for consumer interest in the nitrogen cycle

Posted by Jeremy Wiltshire, Principal Consultant on 16 August 2013

*It has been estimated that the increase in crop yields from the use of Nitrogen (N) in fertilisers currently provides food for half the world’s population.*

Energy from waste and its environmental impacts

Posted by Mark Broomfield, Consultant on 7 June 2013

I was very pleased to be invited to present a talk on ‘Energy from waste and its environmental impacts-reaching a conclusion without sitting on the fence’ at the CIWM Eastern & Southern Region on 31 May 2013.


Posted by Mark Broomfield, Consultant on 7 December 2012

This week, George Osborne announced the setting up of a new “Office for Unconventional Gas and Oil.”  Together with the plans for tax incentives for development of the UK’s shale gas resources, this sends a strong signal regarding the current temporary ban  - and that the use of high volume hydraulic fracturing in the UK will soon be permitted to resume. 

Ceefax - the end of an era in air quality health broadcasting

Posted by Geoff Dollard, Practice Director: Air & Environmental Quality on 24 October 2012

This week the BBC finally drew a veil over Ceefax, the world's first teletext service. The shutdown was timed to coincide with the completion of the UK's digital switchover, with Olympic champion Dame Mary Peters turning off the last analogue TV signal at 23.30 BST on Tuesday (23 October). A series of graphics on Ceefax's front page marked its 38 years on the BBC.

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